Mixing Traditional and Digital Art

Since I started creating digital art there has been one aspect I have not liked, and that is the lack of an original piece of art. So this last weekend I decided to play around with creating a piece of art that had both traditional and digital parts to it.

I started in Clip Studio Paint sketching an idea on a 9x12 page. This gave me a rough drawing that I could print and take to final pencils using a lightbox on watercolor paper.

I chose watercolor paper because I enjoy the texture especially when I am going to ink. I then placed the original drawing on my light table and did a second drawing of it in inks. Watercolor paper really does well with ink giving a good feel to the brush and pen. With the inking done and dry, I added color to the image using watercolor paints.

I made scans of all three then brought them into my art programs. I started with the pen & ink drawing in Photoshop where I applied color and background. 

Then taking my scan of the pencils I took that into Clip Studio Paint and inked and colored the image. When it comes to creating comic book art, Clip Studio Paint is amazing. I love the ink brushes and the coloring works very well too, however probably because I'm more familiar with Photoshop the coloring was much harder for me.

Finally, I brought my pencils into Photoshop where I created a digital painting. In the end, I have two pieces of original art and three digital pieces. Out of those, I prefer the digital inking in Clip Studio if you plan to do digital coloring and Photoshop if you plan to make a painting. I would like to get better at Corel Painter and try there as well to see how it compares to Photoshop, but that is for another day and another piece of art.


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